Early morning dreams

I awoke early, although I didn’t intend to. Listening to the birds chirping through the open window, I started daydreaming about going to Assisi this summer. In April, a member on one of my NGO boards mentioned that she spends a month working in Assisi every summer (how do I get that job?). Knowing its name only from the saint, Francis of Assisi, and that she felt a strong spirituality in the idyllic hills, I made a mental note to visit it one day.

Last week, while having lunch with a friend, he asked what my plans were after Mom’s death. “I don’t know,” I said, “but I know I need rest, and I want to travel.”

“Do you prefer beaches or cities?”

“I love beaches, and think I need some ‘down’ time, but I also love history, and exploring new cultures.”

“When I was burned out, I went to Assisi for 4 days, then took a Mediterranean cruise.”

Assisi again! The thought of a peaceful, spiritual retreat centre draws me. I do believe that a restful, and wrest-ful, time is needed to bathe my spirit before the next phase of my journey. I think I would face some “dark nights of the soul” if I could only find the space. Two years ago, I went on a week-long silent Ignatian retreat. I had warm, embracing moments, and vivid visions of wrestling demons (with God’s help, Christ won).

So with my “found” hours this morning, I’m going to research Assisi. If the stars align, maybe I can go there this summer.

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