Big plans, small accomplishments

8 AM

Today is my day. I’m almost giddy by the numerous accomplishments I can achieve by dinner time with diligence! Rising early, I don’t feel guilty by writing first; the whole day stretches luxuriously ahead of me!

9 AM

I decide to tackle the living room. There’s a substantial amount of clutter here — challenging, but manageable, and enough to make a significant difference when tidied. First, I’d better have breakfast to give me energy for the task ahead.

10 AM

I’m feeling a bit scattered. I took time to do the dishes, then brought a box to the bedroom and folded laundry. Returning to the living room, I’m indecisive about what to tackle first. I don’t want to put the sewing basket away before replacing that button; should I sew it first, or clean and spray my leather coat before storing it for fall — a bigger item, so a bigger impact? If I do that, should I clean and spray my boots too, which are in the bedroom, awaiting treatment? Or should I sort through my CDs, discard empty cases, and upload “keepers” into itunes? My giddy joy is giving way to paralysis.

11 AM (to be honest, 12 PM)

Instead of cleaning, I’ve been browsing for new themes for my blog. Get off the computer! It’s your day, and you need the mental space clearing up some physical space will afford you! Get offline now!


I did get off the computer, and I did get a lot done. I started with the leather while listening to CDs — a great choice. Bolstered by that success, I attempted the button. Discovering I sewed it in the wrong place, I recognised why it’s been there for 4 months, and it’s now last on my list. I continued working until 5 PM, then “treated” myself to mowing the lawn, weeding, and training the honeysuckles up the porch trellis. The vine in the back is so prolific it collapsed the top of the fence. I’ve called a handyman, but to be honest, I like the honeysuckle more than the fence. I brought two bouquets in to scent the house.

As my final treat, I read a magazine I want to throw away in the backyard after gardening. The living room isn’t finished yet, but I can see the progress, and it was all I hoped for and imagined for this spring Saturday.

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