Still Reeling

I cried all day. Thank God I work from home! Every private moment I had, I thought about mom’s scan. I keep hoping that it’s a stroke, and praying that it is, and that she’ll be healed, but I know it’s cancer. My little sister joked to mom once that if she got cancer again, she’d just lose another organ & live another 10 years, like the last two times. It made us all laugh, and mom has been lucky, but I have a terrible feeling this time.

Mom was doing so well for so long, I really believed she’d beaten it. This isn’t supposed to happen! I keep joking that we’ve got great genes in our family — we’re all going to live ’til 100, and still look good, too! Great Granny lived ’til 94, Gran ’til 91, and Mom’s only 76! That’s a spring chicken in our family! I feel gypped! Mom should live 15 more years, at least, and even that’s short! She was a young 74, but  became an old 75.

We looked into going to go to Cuba after Christmas, but the $500 sell-off passed, my huge work project got delayed, and I’m still working night & day on it. If we’re going, we’d better go soon. I have a feeling mom won’t be here next Christmas.

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