One of those days

You know the kind of day when you want to quickly mow the lawn before starting your taxes (last year’s, but who’s counting), and you bring down the compost since you’re going to the backyard anyway, and find the bin open because you wanted the rain to water it (which it did, copiously), so you seize the moment and stir it too? Then you notice the weeds around the bin are multiplying like crazy and about to drop seeds, so you decide to quickly pull them (after all, a stitch in time saves nine), but you stop yourself before doing the whole garden because you’re supposed to be mowing, so you get the lawn mower out (proud of your restraint), and notice there’s just one bolt left holding the handle to the bottom, so you decide you’d better buy bolts with lock nuts before you lose the last one in the grass. By now, you’re too hungry to do all that first, so you go in to grab a bite before you go buy bolts, and since you’re out anyway, you pop in to get an orange, because that everlasting tofu you had for lunch, and dinner, and lunch again is still not finished (the first manufacturer to realise that single people eat tofu too will make a killing), because then you can finish it tomorrow with a nice waldorf salad but you won’t have time to go shopping tomorrow, and you (proudly) buy just 3 things because your mission is to mow that lawn, and with laser focus you leave your milk on the porch when you get back because by then the motion sensor lights are going on and you need install those bolts and mow the lawn in the dark like you meant to hours ago?

I’m having one of those lives.

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