A Too-Exciting Trip

I loved Zanzibar so much, I just had to return to swim in the Indian Ocean again before returning to winter. With an early flight, we could get there by noon for an afternoon swim. So we booked it!

On the way, I noticed a huge amount of liquid spewing over the wing… no, from the wing! It’s a very large gas leak! My friend returned to his book; I started praying. In case we don’t make it, the plane is Fly540 5Y-BSS, and ask VISA if I get death benefits on flights booked with my credit card.

We did land safely. Now 4 people (who look like the ground crew) are climbing up & down a ladder inspecting the wing, as they if plan to continue the flight. Daniel seems not at all concerned, whereas I will follow him later (preferably by boat) if he gets back on that plane!

Wow. The replacement plane was even scarier! I never saw such a small commercial plane! we practically had to flap our arms to get airborne!

That early morning flight ended up taking 3 planes and all day. But wouldn’t you agree it was worth it?

The view from a beach bungalow onto the softest, whitest beach I’ve ever seen.

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